This is obviously directed more towards those that are in a single situation, but everyone can take note.  If you are in a long-term relationship than obviously you will want your own space, and not some party animal ruining date night all of the time.  But those of us that are (as I describe it) "Professionally Single" it could be a good idea to live with someone, even into our 30s.  Below I will list my personal reasons of why this is a good thing, because I believe it to be positive, even if you have the means to live alone.


As we get older we typically want to go out less, and our party days get further and further behind us.  Have you ever committed to an event and then wanted to back out at the last minute?  Yeah so have I, quite a few times if I remember.  We usually make the commitment off of instinct and in the moment, and then later on we just might not be up for it.  Sending that text, or making that call to cancel on friends is never a pleasant experience, especially without a valid reason to do so.  Well having a permanent live-in excuse generator would sure be helpful!  So many easy reasons can be blamed on the roomie, but just make sure they know that in case of a run-in with that friend at a later time.  Is your roommate sick?  Are they going through a breakup?  I'm sure they need you in some capacity, and this will work everytime! Never again will you have to come up with an elaborate lie to cover your desire to stay home and do nothing, now you only need a simple lie that blames everything on your roommate.  It's one hundred percent foolproof.   


Invited to a wedding with no date?  Going to a couples party alone?  If you are unable to get out of these events and have nobody to go with, your roomie will always be there for you. This works with any gender these days, it really doesn't matter if your roommate is a female or male, and you are either, it's 2017 so anything goes!  Now, you will have to be careful going to many of these events together because gossip is rampant, and people love to talk.  But it can be a lot of fun, and it will bring your friendship much closer.  Does it work for all events?  No it does not, sometimes there are things you just don't want to do, and don't forget you will need to return the favor one day, so don't make it too harsh of an affair.  I will say though, it's hard to say no to free food and drinks, even if the episode is less than enjoyable.  Some of us don't mind going to celebrations alone, and don't care what others think, but sometimes it's just good practice to have someone with you in certain circumstances.  Also, if you are out together and some creepy person is being too eerie on you, roomie can come over and save you from an awful situation.  Seen it, done it.


If your roomie is like you, then they are typically home most nights and don't want to go all out all the time.  BUT, let's say you did go out and had a few too many oat sodas (Beer for those of you that haven't seen The Big Lebowski, and need to now) and now you need a ride home, and might not be able to work the Lyft app.  Does your roomie have a car?  Most likely but not definitely, in any case they can at the very least hail a ride share for you if not come pick you up.  My roommate (at the time) worked late and had to park on the street in a questionable area, and I would wake up in the middle of the night, drive down to where she parked, pick her up and park back in my original spot, every night she worked.  If they have a vehicle, they might want to just come get you themselves, and this is a big plus.  Also, if they have a car you can borrow it sometimes!  You're trustworthy right?   Don't abuse the privileges.  


Not in every case, so this is mildly specific, but if you love animals but travel too much or just can't own one at the moment, you can have a pet without responsibility!  Sometime certain people have a tough time getting roommates because of their pets.  I've talked to many people that had a rough time finding trustworthy and viable roommates because they had an excess of pets that some are just not comfortable around.  There are fears, allergies, and a myriad of other reasons why some people can't live with animals.  If you are someone that loves being around them, this can be such an amazing setup for both parties.  For one, you get a free pet to hang out with!  On the other side, they can potentially have a free pet sitter in house that they have already seen with their precious loved one.  Every case is different, but if they are on vacation or out of town on business, you an watch the pet and possibly negotiate a free utility bill in return, or something similar.  It's expensive to board, and hard to find someone you genuinely trust with your pet, so this can be such a perfect system for everyone involved.


Movie night, wine night, frisbee day, travel buddy, hiking friend, so many options.  Now I like to do things alone most of the time, but sometimes it's nice to have a friend to do certain things with.  Frisbee day alone is a tough one, it's quite strenuous throwing the frisbee and running to catch it, it's so much better with another party involved.  It's also wonderful to have someone there all the time to show things to, and ask opinions of.  New outfit, blog post, youtube video, whatever you have going on you always have someone that will listen and give you a genuine response regardless.  Even if you are a loner or introverted, I can't tell you how amazing it is to always have someone to bounce things off of.  I felt like I had a sibling with me at all times, like I always had a sister to talk to when I needed her.  You also double your friends, there is a special connection between roommates and you will gain lasting friendships through their friends, and they will yours.  


I know that gaining your own place is some sort of independent achievement, and that's great! But even if you buy your place, getting a roommate can help out with your mortgage, social life, and overall well-being.  I also understand that I have been incredibly lucky, and have heard horror stories of situations that didn't work out.  Communication is key, if something is bothering you in their living behavior, you are better off to let it be known instead of letting it fester.  Celebrate that you have another like-minded person in your home, make the best of it, and create amazing and lasting memories you will remember forever.  I will never forget my roommates as long as I live, and we grew closer living together instead of drifting apart.  I can't make a list of best roommates and rank them because they would all come up as #1.  Enjoy the partnership of caring for a home together, and make the best of the things you have in common.  This can be the best situation where you love coming home each day (I always did) or it can be toxic where you never want to be there.  Stay picky my friends.