Waterlemon Cay

On this "When"sday I go back to my time on Waterlemon Cay, St. John, US Virgin Islands.  The weather is always a nice and balmy eighty five degrees, almost every day of the whole year.  The colors are amazing, and the views breathtaking.

Fun Fact: Local lore states that when dueling was outlawed in the Danish West Indies, the remote strip of sand on Waterlemon Cay became the preferred spot to engage in combat.

Helpful Hint: If you are staying on St. John, or if you are taking the ferry over from neighboring St. Thomas it is best to have a vehicle.  The whole island is only eight miles across, but it is incredibly hilly and not easy to walk from spot to spot.  You can rent a vehicle in town right near the ferry dock, grab a road map, and drive all around the island.  This is a great first stop for some history, breezes, and views!