Roatan, Honduras

Today I remember my time down in Central America, in the wonderful country of Honduras. Located about forty miles off the coast of La Ceiba near the northern part of the country, Roatan is a quaint getaway and diving mecca.  The island is located along the Mesoamerican barrier reef, the second largest reef in the world, and home to the Roatan Marine Park.  Divers from all around the world come here to experience the incredible visibility, amazing diverse marine life, and the extra laid back atmosphere.  

Fun Fact: The majority of the population of Roatán originated from the Cayman Islands. The settlers arrived in the 1830s shortly after Britain abolished slavery in 1838, and were mostly former slaves.

Helpful Hint: There are two safe and fun places you should look into when researching your visit to Roatan, West End and West Bay.  West bay is for tourists, with luxurious resorts and restaurants, while West End is a quiet diver community.  West end is the place to be if you are coming to dive, with more than eighteen dive shops in only a few blocks of town.  There are local bars and restaurants, as well as "dive resorts" and will make for a much more personal and relaxing experience.  Make sure you stop in to Sundowners on the beach and order a Salva Vida!